DAY THIRTY-SEVEN: Too Tired to Tweet

I worked on “house stuff” all day, some “fix-it” stuff, some “decluttering” stuff, and despite my ending up too tired to write anything decent here, there is virtually no visible progress. I snapped some photos today, but I don’t want to take the time to upload, edit, and post them. I want to take a shower and go to bed.

I have almost completely filled up the back of my car with items for the proposed yard sale, yet I still can barely walk into The Room of Doom. In fact, I had to push debris aside to gain access to the computer keyboard just now. I don’t understand the physics of this. How can I keep removing things, yet the apparent volume of what is left remains the same? Somehow the remaining clutter physically expands to fill empty space. I find this quite discouraging.

DAY THIRTY-SIX: Yet Another Nail

If this coffin gets any more nails pounded into it, there won’t be room for a body. Work was so very stupid today as to almost defy belief. Seriously, a parent of a 4th grade girl phoned a teacher to complain because a 4th-grade boy called her daughter… pretty?! The daughter apparently “felt uncomfortable” that the boy called her “pretty” and “beautiful,” and telephoned the school to lodge a complaint. Continue reading

DAY THIRTY-FIVE: Trees, Forest, and All That Jazz

I was thinking today, while sitting in traffic on the way to work, that part of my frustration is that I am usually allowing the individual trees to block my view of the forest; that is, I’m getting so hung up on and overwhelmed by the small tasks and steps that I forget to keep the broader goal in mind.

I hope to fell a few mighty oaks here over the next few days, during the upcoming three-day weekend away from work, which I’m hoping will help open up the vista a bit.


Yet another reason I have a “100 Days” plan to change my life and change my job: at today’s faculty meeting, the boss told us that the school has no extra money, so for the sake of the “core professionalism” category of our employee evaluation, we should sign up to either bring food or snacks or contribute money to a fund to provide refreshments for the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) observation team who will be visiting our school this coming February. “The sign-up sheet will be posted in the office.”

Yes, I am now required as part of my job duties to provide munchies for a highly compensated team of contracted consultants Continue reading

DAY THIRTY-THREE: Ants in the Belfry

After work I fussed around trying to patch a small area of decaying trim in the bathroom. It’s, like, a six inch long section. Considering my current rate of progress on house projects, by the time I complete even the most basic of necessary cosmetic repairs I will need to start over from the beginning! I cannot visualize this house ever being ready to invite a real estate agent in to get a market appraisal.

Additionally, of course, there’s the clutter, the stuff, the crap with which we have filled our living space. Continue reading

DAY THIRTY-TWO: Decluttering is a Cluttery Business

Monday. 5:00 a.m. wakeup time. Not fun. In fact, the 5:00 a.m. wakeup time is going to drive me to suicide one of these days. I hate it that much. And I am not exaggerating.

I sold two items on eBay yesterday. One of the buyers paid today, which meant that after work I wanted to print out a shipping label and pack up the item for mailing. Sounds easy enough. But this is me we’re talking about – well, that I’m talking about and you’re reading about – so nothing is ever easy. Continue reading


Little visible progress toward anything today despite hours spent on caulking and patching. I more or less finished the necessary pre-painting work in the main bedroom and the kitchen and I started on the bathroom. I was not able to mark very many things off my weekend list. I find it frustrating to leave projects half finished.


List: 24 August 2014

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I’m having a difficult time summoning enthusiasm about anything, even though Friday afternoon has finally arrived. Work is done for the week. I will have two days away from that place.

Just for the record: the state budget department recommended this week that the Department of Education reduce its administrative overhead by ten percent. The Department of Education responded by saying they would try to reduce administrative overhead by two percent, and would make up the difference by cutting special education services. Continue reading