Copy Editing Services through Fiverr: What a Crock!

We listed with Fiverr. Nothin’. Not a single inquiry. Even after lowering the price; or, more accurately, even after offering an insane number of words for the starting price of five dollars, we got nothin’. After two months, we got nothin’.

Even tried opening another account, with a “sexier” user pic of some cute chick. Those are the Fiverr accounts that seem to get the most action, the ones with cute chicks using their feminine charms (i.e. cleavage) to promote their services. Again, no interest.

Apparently “copy editing” is not in as high demand as the dozens of online articles about making money on Fiverr imply.

Our Fiverr account(s) and the associated gmail accounts have been deleted.

In other news:

Total NaNoWriMo fail… again (November 2016).