This would be Day 275 of this blog. I started out posting, or trying to post, daily.
Now I’m posting only sporadically.
Really, I’d prefer to use this domain name for a different purpose.
Soon, if I can figure it out, I’ll move my whining and rambling to a different site.
If I can’t figure it out, I’ll probably just delete all this and start over.
Starting over can be a good thing, right?

:: sigh :: I’ve wasted too much time trying to figure out the easy way to move the content of ChamberOfChaos over to the new site, PikeyFatGit.com. I’m sure there’s a clever, tech-literate way to simply re-point the domain or to copy over the SQL database files. Thus far, though, my several attempts have resulted in “breaking” the sites. The PFG site seems to be particularly touchy regarding “database errors.”

Thus, I think, if I decide to save the content of this lamentable blog, I’ll go about the task the old-fashioned way — I’ll copy and paste the posts one at a time, changing the dates accordingly. At over two-hundred posts, it might take a while. I’d probably be better off just starting over.

I’ll decide later. Right now I’m working on another “retro-reprint” self-publishing project.