Delayed Publishing Schedule

Publication of Steampunk Singles Series No. 3: The Floating Wreck has been delayed by the necessity of moving our publishing headquarters! Hectic weeks behind, and even more hectic weeks ahead.

The intent is to resume a regular publishing schedule by mid-October.

Thank you for your patience.

In the meantime, the following titles remain available for Kindle through

The Secret of the Desert; or, How We Crossed Arabia in the ‘Antelope’ by Edward Douglas Fawcett

Steampunk Singles Series No. 2: Larry Lee, The Young Lighthouse Keeper by Cap’t. Tho’s. H. Wilson

Steampunk Singles Series No. 1: Afloat with Captain Nemo; or, The Mystery of Whirlpool Island by Cap’t. Tho’s. H. Wilson

DAY SEVENTY-SIX: No News… is Typical

Last night the sky actually cleared, allowing the lunar eclipse to be visible. I set an alarm to wake up about 11:00 p.m. The shadow crossing the face of the moon became visible around 11:15 p.m. I set up reclining lawn chairs, and my spouse and I sat out in the yard until nearly 1:30 a.m. watching the progression of the eclipse. We also saw a number of shooting stars and lightning flashes along the distant northern horizon.

Today I walked another 13 miles. My Nike+ Sportwatch battery quit at the 19km (about 11.5 miles) mark. I had not recharged it since my previous long excursion.

Hauled the last of the relatives’ leftovers to the Salvation Army thrift store this afternoon.

While walking I had ideas for longer, or at least more worthwhile, posts to add to this site, but by the time early evening rolls around I’m too tired to think, too discouraged to care, and I can’t remember what I was gonna write about anyway.

I’ve been listening to audio podcasts on an iPod while walking. I used to try to listen to music or podcasts while running, but I gave up after too many iPods succumbed to moisture and vibration. Since I’m merely walking, and thus not sweating quite as much, I’m using the iPod again while walking. After listening to an episode of The Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast featuring independent author and indie-writing blogger David Gaughran, I came home and ordered the Kindle version of Gaughran’s recently updated book on independent publishing, Let’s Get Digital. I gotta get rolling again on the self-publishing stuff. That’s one of the purposes of this blog, to provide “writing practice.” So far that “practice” isn’t paying off, is it? I’ll start reading Digital as soon as I finish the short fiction eBook novel I’m currently reading, Joseph Lovece’s The Steam Man of the West: The Transatlantic Race.

I need to find the title to my car.