A few more people have looked at the house, but no serious interest. Oh, sure everybody would “buy it right now” if it were the whole house, rather than just a CPR “half of a duplex.” But if it were the whole house, the price would be nearly three times what we’re asking!

I think the best bet is to make some money some other way and pay off some bills and debts and then lower the asking price. By a lot.

I really don’t want to be living here anymore.

Meanwhile, on the fat front, I’m still hovering around the 202 pounds mark; 201.8 today, somehow UP almost half a pound since yesterday.

In another hundred days I’ll have been updating this blog, more or less regularly (considerably less regularly recently) for a year. What will I have to show for it. At the moment, after 260 days… absolutely nothing.

Why is change, or more specifically, positive change, so difficult to achieve?

I ran across this cute blog site, Knotted Things, today while following links on the internet. You know how that goes. Another person who becomes obsessed with hobbies.

And this guy has been documenting his collection of vintage video recording equipment for years. He has video recording tubes dating back to the 1930s and 1940s in his collection, in working condition!