Another day working on eBay listings. As of this evening I have thirty-one items listed. I should have had over a hundred, considering I spent the better part of four days working on this crap.

One “buy it now” sale so far, $50 for an old computer software package, Adobe Creative Suite CS2, and several accompanying books. The sad thing is, I purchased the software new eight or so years ago, and paid hundreds of dollars for it, but I never learned to use it. I opened Photoshop two or three times, became overwhelmed by the interface, and closed it back up again. As of the most recent OS X update, CS2 is no longer compatible with my aging MacBook Pro. I hope I made the “will not work with latest version of OS X” clear enough in my eBay listing.


Bratz doll in a pint glass

I think this beer is skunked!


Worked on eBay listings most of the day. It’s slow going. I’m becoming increasingly disappointed as I discover the detritus of a lifetime as a hoarder is virtually worthless.


Tried to work on eBay listings all day. Here it is, nearly midnight, and I only listed twelve items. No bids yet, either. This process is too slow; or more accurately, I am too slow at this process. I’m becoming very discouraged.




Possibly the least festive Thanksgiving Day of my life. Spent the day photographing crummy junk to post for sale on eBay. Didn’t get around to actually posting anything, as the photography part took far longer than expected. I didn’t get through all the stuff I had planned, either.

I really own nothing of value anymore. I always have grand visions of raising several thousand dollars through eBay, but then when I start looking through my stuff I realize how valueless most of it is.


Wednesday. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. I should write about things for which I’m thankful.

I’m thankful I don’t have to go in to work tomorrow.

DAY XXII – Addition to Goals

This afternoon I realized… duhhh! It’s actually feasible for me to achieve a dream I’ve held since childhood. I could own and drive a Rolls Royce!

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow

Not a new one… yet. Rather, 1970s and 1980s Silver Shadows and occasionally older Clouds regularly sell via eBay motors for under twenty thousand dollars.

New impetus to sell my junk… and the house!

I’ve been trying to get stuff ready to sell on eBay this weekend. Yesterday I got depressed and moped. Today I am going through boxes, but it’s taking forever. Doesn’t look like I’ll have anything listed by tonight as was my goal.

Oh well, now I have a new incentive! A ROLLS ROYCE, BABY! YEAH!


Quotations from Tim Ferriss, author of The Four Hour Work Week:


Tomorrow becomes never.

… to have quality and less clutter.

Do all the things you want to do; be all the things you want to be.

“Someday” is a disease that will take your dreams to the grave with you.


Pluck and Luck Dime Novel

Pluck and Luck No. 886, May 26, 1915: Larry Lee, Young Lighthouse Keeper


“Possessions, like fat, insulate us from the outside world, building a wall of junk which we can hide behind. Our clutter becomes an insular mechanism for shielding ourselves from pain. We all do to some degree, but few ever make the correlation. The sheer act of acquiring stuff, too, can be a self-medication. How many of us shop in order to feel better? But it´s a temporary fix that, in the end, only adds to our depression.”

Christy Best, Professional Organizer


Twenty days, or twenty percent, or one-fifth into my second hundred days, and what do I have to show for it?

I’m still living in the same cluttered house. I haven’t moved. I’m no closer to moving. I’m fatter and more insolvent than ever.

What am I doing wrong?


Pluck and Luck Dime Novel

Pluck and Luck No. 905, October 6, 1915: Five Years in the Grassy Sea