32. Your Website Hacked By Cyb3R Sw0rD

Friday the Thirteenth!


I navigated to the site this afternoon and found this glorious image in place of the usual WordPress page:

The retro-80s video game style text, somewhat reminiscent of what I remember from the old TRS-80 computers, redirects to another page, complete with kitschy midi music:

An internet search for “cyb3r sw0rd hacks” quickly turns up the Cyb3R Sw0rD FaceBook page:

I kinda figured I’d need to delete and re-install all the WordPress files on my host server. When I logged in to the server just now, though, I discovered that the Cyb3R Sw0rD hackers did exactly what they claimed; that is, they did not “harm” the site, they merely “defaced” it by inserting an “index.html” file that over-rides the WordPress “index.php” file. Deleting the index file restored the site.

In accordance to Cyb3R Sw0rD‘s suggestion, I think I had best revisit my WordPress password choices!



201.8 pounds.

I’m tired.

I’m tired of being fat.

I’m tired of being broke.

I’m tired of my job.

I’m tired of being tired.

I’m. Just. Tired.

Spring break starts… in a few hours. All I gotta do is get through this last day at werk. Gonna use the break to re-set, re-group, re-energize, re-whatever. I’d re-wind if I could.

Except, there are already a bunch of “things” that “need to be done.” Get a new propane tank. Finish painting the eves. Fix the sagging deck post. Fix the decaying trim boards around the base of the house. Oh, and people keep showing up to visit. I don’t wanna seem like I’m anti-social or rude, but I have limited time to do stuff, and even more limited money, and even going out for dinner at this point is a stretch.

What I want to do, but won’t have time or resources: resume exercising and running and eating right; write an stupid eBook novel and post it to Amazon for Kindle; finish editing my friend’s eBook; beta read and comment on my other friend’s eBook; continue with the decluttering; sell a bunch of crap on eBay and throw the rest away.

Will a week be enough time? No. I’ll have to prioritize.

I’ll probably end up sleeping. And wasting time on the internet.


At 203 pounds today, I’m pretty pissed off. Yesterday I took a day off from running and had ONE extra bowl of Cheerios — it wasn’t even Cap’n Crunch or Cocoa Puffs — and the scale told me I was up THREE POUNDS over yesterday. One day and one bowl of Cheerios has cut my two-week weight loss in half! Both my morning and my after-work weigh-ins showed a three pound increase. In fact, the after-work weigh-in pegs at 204.4 pounds!

Yes, I know a two to three pound swing can simply be water or something, and is within the normal fluctuation range, but seriously, ONE bowl of Cheerios undercuts two weeks of almost nothing but celery and carrots? That ain’t fair!

Only one Coca Cola today… but I’m not running. I’m going through a what’s-the-effing-point pouting phase.


Another Thursday, another full pound. I’m at 202.4 pounds today. Last night the scale actually read 205 pounds!

Conveniently, the most recent post over at the EndingTheGrind.com web site is titled: 7 Ways to Look Better, Feel Better, and Get More Stuff Done. Point #3 is, well, it’s to the point: STOP BEING FAT! Simple, straightforward, and true. So are the other six suggestions in this great post – every one of them is worthwhile, simple, straightforward, and immediately actionable. None of them require additional research or information, special gear or equipment, or an outlay of cash. It’s one of the best, clearest, simplest no-excuse primers for “leveling up” your life (to use Nerd Fitness’ Steve Kamb’s terminology) that I’ve run across. And I run across a lot of ’em, seeing as how running across self-improvement plans on the internet is pretty much the only running I’m doing these days. So go check it out. Here’s the link again:

EndingTheGrind.com: 7 Ways to Look Better, Feel Better, and Get More Stuff Done